winter party gamesWhen it comes to winter parties, you can’t leave the kids out! Whether they’re seasonal or just a birthday party that happens to be in winter, there are plenty of fun games to keep kids occupied, interact, and generally just have a blast.

We’ve rounded up some of the top fun games for kids to play in the winter. They’re perfect for parties or any gathering where there are a few kids.

Pin the Nose on the Snowman
This is a fun game that kids that are one or two years old all the way up to 11 or 12 can play! Everyone will love this fun version of pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of a tail, cut a carrot out of orange paper. Draw lines on it with Sharpie to denote a carrot, if you like. Then blindfold kids and spin them around, having them place the carrot on the face. You may need more than one carrot, so cut out a few.

Marshmallow Race
You’ll need some straws, a mug for each child, and marshmallows for this one– be sure they’re mini! Set a timer for 60 seconds. The mini marshmallows should be scattered across the table. Have the kids suck up the marshmallows into the straw and place them into the mug. The one with the most at the end wins! You can have prizes ready or just make the prize a nice cup of hot cocoa when they’re done.

Matching Mitten Scavenger Hunt
This one is easy and great to do if you have mittens (or if you don’t, have parents bring their kids over with mittens and gloves to compensate). Have the kids wait while you hide the mittens in the house. Make sure they’re not up high or anything! By a potted plant, in a cupboard, et cetera. You want relative supervision on this because kids could get into things they shouldn’t (under the sink chemicals, expensive jewelry, or near breakables). When they find a matching pair, they can trade it in for a prize! Have enough little prizes for everyone and all the kids will be happy at the end. Provide hints for those who are having a tough time (and write down where you put them if you’re forgetful!).

Make a Snowflake
This one’s easy– remember making snowflakes out of paper? Fold a piece of paper until you end up with an isosceles triangle, then have the kids cut shapes out. At the end, they’ll have a beautiful snowflake to take home!

Musical Snowmen
The game’s like musical chairs, except everyone is a snowman! Have the kids move around the chairs to the tune of whatever winter song you like! When the music stops, the kids have to sit in a chair. Take away one chair each time until you’re down to the final two kids and final chair. Kids really love playing this game!

Winter Beanbag Toss
Take a piece of poster board and paint whatever winter thing on it you like– a snowman, yeti, polar bear, etc. Cut a hole in the belly or mouth and prop it up. With bean bags involved, toss them through the hole taking turns. The first team to get five in wins!

Those are our winter party game ideas for kids! Take what you like or make some up of your own! As long as they’re engaged and having fun, every game is a winner.