smart tips to get your home ready for fallWhen it comes to your house, is it ready for fall? Cooling temps and the arrival of September signals the autumn season for many people. It’s a nice time to pick apples, drink cider, buy pumpkin spice-flavored products, and just go nuts with fall-related items and activities! There’s so much to do in the nice weather. Now it also a good time to get your productivity maximized and prep your home for the changing of the seasons.

With so much to do in the transition from spring to fall, many homeowners also turn to fall home improvement projects. Although the weather might seem nice as we head out of summer and into fall, you want to take advantage of this good weather and basically do what you can to get as much done before winter as possible (no pressure).

Today we’re talking about our tips for how you can prepare your home for autumn. The more you do now, the less you will have to do later and in perhaps not so friendly weather conditions. Don’t wait until it’s Halloween time to tackle all of your fall and pre-winter home maintenance. Read on to check out our tips for what projects to tackle and which to leave until later. With so much to do, you’ll be happy that you started now instead of later and be able to enjoy the transition from fall to winter that much more.

Checking the Interior of Home

  • Check for drafts, feeling to see if there are drafts around the edges of doors and windows. You can even use a lit candle for this. Replace seals, repair caulking.
  • Have furnace inspected for efficiency, leaks, filter replacement, and have a carbon monoxide check done.
  • Get a programmable thermostat to save money.
  • Test smoke detectors and other devices, replace batteries if you need to.
  • Clean your humidifiers and any filters that need changing.

Exterior Home Projects

  • Cover your central air conditioning outdoor unit for winter.
  • Check your roof from the ground with binoculars for loose, damaged, or missing shingles. Remove leaves and debris.
  • Gather, stack and cover firewood if using or leaving outside for the winter
  • Inspect the siding and check the exterior for holes or cracks and then repair
  • Clean the gutters out and check for leaks and drainage that downspouts have no obstructions, adding extensions if you need to
  • Reinforce your windows and doors
  • Remove screens, install storm windows and doors if needed, checking exterior seals and caulking
  • Turn off outside faucets, store hoses in dry place, service your sprinklers or irrigation system
  • Check for dead limbs with trees and cut back bushes and shrubs, bringing potted plants inside
  • Put away outdoor furniture and wash if necessary for the last of the year
  • Rake your yard. put leaves in the compost and call a service if not
  • Close pool and put away summer items for the next year
  • Clean out your garage and check that your shed is organized while it’s still nice out.
  • Store your summer vehicles and prep winter equipment so it’s ready to go.