SpringCleaningTipsAre you ready to spring clean your home? With the arrival of some fresher weather, many people feel inspired to get their spring cleaning on the move. There’s just one problem– where do you start with this great and complicated undertaking?

We’ve put together some great spring cleaning tips to help you clean up your home this year. It’s the season to clean, dust, organize, and generally undo all the clutter and sedentary buildup that happened over the winter. As we get more active, it’s time to make sure that our homes reflect a fresh and clean new season. 

1. Clean up your carpets/upholstery.

Your carpets and upholstery could use a freshening up with the arrival of a new spring season. Get the floors and your furniture ready for another year. Relax– you likely won’t have to do this type of in-depth cleaning until the next spring! Shampoo carpets, clean upholstery, steam what can be steamed, and really get into those fabrics. Whether you DIY or hire someone, it’s a necessary part of your overall vision.

2. Spruce up your door mat.

Whether that means cleaning it up or getting a new one altogether, getting a door mat that is clean instead of worn down and dirty is going to help cut back on the amount of dirt and dust that get tracked into the home. Beat it out or just get a new one at the store– the choice is up to you.

3. Get those walls clean again.

Don’t let those walls get neglected in your big clean! Take a sponge and some diluted dishwashing detergent and water. Don some cleaning gloves and get to cleaning those walls the way they should be. You’ll need two buckets, a sponge, gloves, detergent, and water. Then dry the surfaces you’ve washed with a dry cloth and you are done!

4. Clean up your floors!

Using a mop, you can easily clean up your kitchen and other floors. Use a Swiffer to easily clean other surfaces if you have to. IF you like, you can use a wax to polish them up and provide protection for the rest of the year.

5. Pull out the vacuum and get to work!

Vacuuming everything can be a pain, but it’s also easier than most of your other tasks! Embrace the clean and get that vacuum going over every nook and cranny. Get under furniture and use the handheld tool if you have one to get into corners and ceiling cobwebs.

6. Clean out your fridge.

Now is the time to sort through condiments, clean shelves and drawers, clean the exterior of your fridge, and check the coil for buildup. Vacuum your dusty condenser coil to get dust out and vacuum under and around the fridge, places most people never clean.

7. Don’t forget the ceiling fan.

Of course, do not forget to remove dust from your ceiling fan tops. Check your AC unit too, but clearing off these two can reduce the amount of dust and debris in an apartment in home by quite a bit.