summer BBQ tipsWhen it comes to having the best summer barbecue, are you planning it right? Whether you spell it BBQ, barbecue, or barbecue, nothing beats spending some quality time outside during the summer months with friends or family is a nice way to spend the warmer season. Just eating, drinking, and having a good time is enough to make a good BBQ.

If you’re still a little unsure, here are our top summer barbecue tips! It is not too tough to throw a good BBQ– however, the food and grilling has to be on point! Slow cooking is the way to go. Check out our other great tips for throwing an amazing summer BBQ that will make some memories to last a lifetime.

Prepare What You Can Before Hand
Getting things done ahead of the BBQ day is so helpful! Get whatever sides and desserts together you can before the day and you will be so happy you did. Don’t forget to marinate the meat you’re cooking as more marination time equals more flavor! Clean up a bit and make sure you have all silverware, flatware and tools on hand. Be sure you have the grill ready to go and it is full of propane or you have coal and a lighter on hand.

Test the Grill Before
Nothing is worse than planning on your grill working and it utterly fails when you need it. Clean it out beforehand too to save you a big pain if it’s really far too dirty. Have our materials on hand including any spatulas or tongs you might need. Test it to make sure it works then go ahead.

Grill the Basics
Burgers and hot dogs are the standard, and you can throw some corn cobs on the grill for good measure if you feel like it. Grilling good food is a great way to win everyone over because most people like burgers or hot dogs and if they don’t there will be plenty of other food to choose from as well!

Invite Guests to bring Dishes
If you want this will help fill in any gaps and also ensure that at least one person can eat one thing they like (what they brought with them!). Your guest will most likely enjoy everything, but bringing their own dishes also allows for customization like vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, or organic if desired.

You have to have entertainment on hand at a barbecue! It’s only natural. Make sure you have plenty of games, including lawn games which are great for summer and BBQs. Break out the badminton or Twister whenever you would like!

Good Music
Having a playlist of good music ready is the best way to enjoy your summer— ad-free and all. Make sure you have a good stereo and a good selection on hand and you are set.

Great Dessert
Delicious dessert options are the best way to finish off a barbecue! Having that option for sugar at the end can never hurt. Whether it’s s’mores or brownies, you can’t go wrong with a good dessert at a BBQ. Thanks for reading, and enjoy planning your BBQ for friends & family too!