pool safety tipsThe summer season is the perfect time to hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather. This usually includes going for a dip in the pool at a friend’s house, at your own house, at the country club, local school or gym. While it can all seem like fun and games, in the spirit of the season it’s important to remember to be safe and follow the rules at all times. Using critical thinking and committing to being safe can be the difference between life and death.

Particularly for children, this can be a very dangerous time of year. It’s important to sit down with them and have a talk about how to behave themselves around pools of water and around other people. Be certain they understand that they cannot go swimming without an adult present and they should never swim alone, even as adults.

Check out these safety tips and go into the summer season in a safety first mentality.

  • Prep kids for swimming by enrolling them in swimming lessons.
  • Learn how to do C.P.R. in the case of an emergency.
  • Always know where your kids are and make sure they are supervised.
  • Teach them to never swim without an adult present.
  • Never dive into the shallow end of a pool ever: it could result in paralysis or death.
  • Wear sunscreen when swimming outdoors.
  • Oceans and pools could pose unseen dangers.
  • Have your cell phone on you at all times as an adult. Call 911 in the event of any emergency and attempt CPR.
  • Always be sure there is an adult or more than one watching children– don’t leave your children with irresponsible adults or let them go to pool outings without you there.
  • In public, swim in the areas supervised by lifeguards.
  • Never leave a young child near water unattended.
  • Another child or partner is not a suitable substitute for an adult supervising and they will not be able to save them from drowning or may not be paying attention.
  • Teach your child to ask before they go in water.
  • Have young children wear floaties and jackets.
  • Do not rely on life jackets or floaties for safety.
  • Always be paying attention, do not get distracted, do not be on your phone or reading.
  • Make sure all pools are secured and do not allow access.
  • Teach your kids that you can drown in seconds and to be safe in the water, do not fool around with each other or hold your head under the water.
  • Check the water first if a child is ever missing, time is of the essence.
  • Get trained in life saving techniques and pool safety as well as first aid.
  • Avoid going into pools or being out from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., peak UV light times.
  • Wear sunscreen that has a SPF of 15 or more and reapply after going into the water.
  • Do not swim after eating, alone or if you feel sick.
  • Never run by the pool. Always walk.

That’s it! These safety tips can help you keep safe all summer long. Kids are especially prone to drowning and other water accidents, so make sure they know their safety rules and are supervised at all times for a great season without incident.

Thanks for reading, and be safe out there!